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Champions for Life (CFL) is a faith-based PSS program that provides PSS interventions to adolescents living with HIV. Founded in 2005, we have 29 programs running across over 20 cities and towns in all SADC countries (except Angola), including 2 programs in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. CFL works very closely with various clinical care providers consisting of HIV clinics and hospitals from each country. CFL’s objective is to contribute to the holistic health of adolescents living with HIV, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Our core activities are day seminars (workshops)  and camps which are events that designed to create a safe, accepting and secure platform for children and adolescents living with HIV to begin their journey to mental and emotional transformation.


The seminars deal directly with the possible root causes emotional and mental challenges. The seminars provide tools for:

  • Identifying root causes

  • Coping & over-coming strategies

  • Empowering and equipping for progress


Our model is a mentorship type model, using our C.U.B process:

  • Connect: by creating safe, secure spaces. By seeking a relationship first. By loving

  • Understand: by listening. By being available. By learning

  • Build: by motivating. By giving knowledge. By equipping

    Children and adolescents living with HIV within our programs will go through a S.E.R.V.E process that should see them go through a transformative journey:


  • Specific: we are specific about the issues that the children must deal with and overcome

  • Equip: we equip the children and adolescents to overcome

  • Relate: we lean on the power of relationships to walk them through the difficult processes

  • Verify: we verify and validate the progress made

  • Empower: We empower and create platforms for further development

CFL is the PSS partner of choice for many leading clinics and hospitals in Southern and East Africa. Our work has seen hundreds of young people living with HIV find the hope and courage to live lives that maximises their potential.

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Meet The Team


Dr. Andrew Reid


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Dr. Reid founded Champions for Life in 2005 after seeing untold suffering in young people living with HIV. As a leading HIV clinician and researcher, Dr Reid has contributed inmersely to the treatment and care of young people living with HIV all across Africa.


Kelly Tavaziva

Project Coordinator

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Kelly is drawn to the plethora of existing mental health problems faced by adolescents & youth.
Her primary passion is to support and work with this population for their mental health needs being  realised,addressed for a safe transition to adulthood.


Kelvin Mutize

Deputy Director

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Kelvin is a caffeinated Digital Content Creator and Photographer with over a decade of and creating, writing, designing content for the web and social media through Hot Cherry Media a boutique PR Agency that is working with local nonprofits and social impact projects. As a Photographer Kelvin is loves documenting the beautiful landscapes, cityscapes and architecture of Africa and the world he is exploring.