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Stories About #ChampionsTogether Food Distribution Recipients

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

With your help, we have fed, talked to and touched over 60 families in Harare, Zimbabwe. Thank you for joining this unbelievable community of givers.

With every distribution, we have taken the time to listen and talk to the Champions and their families. Every story is important to us and has been a great opportunity to influence and begin the process of restoration.

This statement from one of our parents captures the heart of the #championstogether program, "In our community, hunger has affected our children during this Corona outbreak. Guardians and parents used to provide for their families through vending and selling, but the economic shut down has made it really hard.

I am really concerned that without a proper diet, my child's health will be severly affected. I want to thank Champions for Life for making sure that my family is taken care of. Not only that, Champions for Life takes time to listen to us, to help us and to pray with us"

Annoynous Parent from Epworth, Harare

Tari Mhamba* is 12 years old. She is in grade 4, and collects her ART medication in Epworth. When her mother passed away, her sisters and brothers were sent to live with other relatives. This broke her heart and crushed her will. She hasn't seen her father ever since her mother's death. Tari was grateful for the food, but she was visibly touched when we encouraged her and told her she did not have to walk this journey alone. We look forward to spending more time with Tari in our programs

Blessing Ndahafa* is the last born in her family. Her father remarried and lives with a different family. This expierence made Blessing grow up with very low self-esteem. Coupled with HIV, this has affected her to the point where she dropped out of school and has struggled to look after herself. Blessing is vulnerable to sexual abuse. Blessing is also vulnerable to episodes of slow suicide and self-harm. Champions like Blessing are the reason why we exist. She cried when she realized that there are people that, "genuinely care about me." We look forward to seeing Blessing in our programs

Tayana Muswe* is a sickly girl aged 14. Tayana is most likely on second or third line treatment and requires monitored clinical care to ensure her health does not deteriotate further. Tayana most likely is not adherant to her medication schedule and we consider her a high risk individual. There has been reported sexual abuse incidents coupled with an unstable home environment. We spent some with Tayana and her mother during the food drop off. Tayana is willing to fight for her life and her future - we will fight alongside her.

Susan Makawa* is a single mother living in a tiny room with her 15-year-old son Samuel*, who was born HIV positive. Susan loves her son and wants to ensure the best life for him. Samuel is an amazing young man who wants to take of his mother when he grows up. Both of them have been affected by the economic lockdown and grateful for the food pack. Both of them want to help our HIV positive families to find the will to move forward with thier lives. Susan and Samual are great advocates for Champions for Life and we look forward to working with them.

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