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How can one easily identify with depression?

Are you experiencing difficulty sleeping, eating, and working for a long period of about two weeks then, you might be experiencing depression?

Everybody feels sad or low here and there, however, these emotions typically come and go but when it's for a longer time then you might be struggling with depression. Do you feel depressed, unfilled, and sad the greater part of the day, consistently?

Have you lost intrigue or joy in your pastime or being with loved ones?

To Know You Are Depressed

Someone who is depressed is always on the edge, or "void" mood they have feelings of sadness or feelings of blame, uselessness, or helplessness. Loss of intrigue or delight inside interests or activities. Decreased vitality, weariness, or being "eased back down". Difficulty thinking, recollecting, or making decisions. Difficulty resting, early-daytime waking up or oversleeping. You might have also lost appetite or potentially weight changes and you might be having thoughts of harming yourself or committing suicide.

Restlessness or irritability, aches or torments, stomach related issues without a reasonable physical reason as well as that don't ease even with treatment. Adolescents with depression may have side effects of different issues, for example, uneasiness, dietary problems, or substance misuse.

Here are some of the way you can use to fight depression such as:

- Attempt to be active and exercise.

- Breaking up huge tasks, goals or projects into little ones, set small goals, and do what you can as you can.

- Spending time with others and trust in a confided in companion or relative.

- Postponing significant life choices until you feel much improved.

- Talk about choices with other people who know you well and trust.

- Avoiding self-prescription with liquor or with drugs not endorsed for you

How might I help a friend or family member who is discouraged?

If you know somebody who is struggling with depression, the first thing you can do to help is to get help from a counsellor, social worker, a doctor or psychologist. You can also offer time and a listening ear and be a place of encouragement.

Never overlook the thoughts you have about self-destruction, and report them to your recommended therapist or social worker. You can also invite the person in question out for walks, events, and other activities.

If you know someone struggling with Depression you can send a Whatsapp Message to +263 78 423 6611 and they will call you back, do not allow anyone to suffer let them get help from trained personnel from Friendship Bench

You can also download Dr Chido Rwafa Madzvamutse's Booklet on overcoming Depression, Feeling Empty Cups Mental Health Self Care and The Emotions of Grief

To listen to the Podcast with Dr Chido Rwafa Madzamutse talking about overcoming depression Click Here

This Blog was written by Kuda Dube.

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