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Mega Food Distribution In Epworth

On top of all of the other food distributions that happen in other communities around Harare, this month the community of Epworth got a little bit extra. With partnership from EatOut Movement Trust and Telone Zimbabwe, we were able to provide hampers for 20 extra families in Epworth.

Special mention to Pastors Arthur & Agatha and the Celebration Epworth Church team for coordinating and bringing the Champion families together. We called this program the #championstogether program because, all of us - together - are playing a part in making a difference.


What is Next

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the #championstogether program, we are looking to expand the #championstogther program to include access to education for our Champions. Our core mandate as Champions for Life has always been to bring holistic empowerment to young people living with HIV. We believe relief + empowerment is a model that Jesus used when he walked the earth - we want to keep doing the same.

COVID 19 stopped a lot of our discipleship programs through most of 2020. We have missed interacting and meeting with Champions from all across our programs in Africa. As we take a step closer to re-opening our programs, we are excited to announce our brand new up-coming discipleship program called the Caleb Series. The Caleb Series is a 10 part curriculum designed to help and equip adolescent living with HIV to:

- be creative thinkers

- learn to live and achieve beyond their limitations

- see new perspectives to problems and challenges

The desired outcome from this series is to see adolescents living with HIV, take responsibility for their lives and begin to be active participants in coming up with solutions for the problems and issues they face.

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