• Gift Makwala

Lets turn 30 into 50

It all adds up! #championstogether #30into50



Everyday life starts to change when a community starts to receive support and help - and the impact adds up - literally. Over the past year, the #championstogether program has added up stories of relief, hope and encouragement. Thanks to our donors and the amazing community pastors, we have consistently supported 30 champion families. We want to turn 30 into 50. When our team started dreaming up the #championstogether program, we thought we were just putting food on empty plates, but this has become so much MORE. It has become about family, community and fellowship. We are a few clicks from 50 - lets join the movement.

It will take many hands to build the #championstogether community. Thanks to supporters like you, we will continue to see many more champions reach their full potential. We are looking forward to when we have 50 reasons to celebrate.

#championstogether #30into50 #champions

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