• Gift Makwala

Learning to Scale High Walls

January 2021 in Harare was different from all the other Januarys because of COVID 19. The pandemic is at its peak – families, friends and colleagues are affected. Jobs and livelihoods are destroyed; and we can only imagine the psychological effect this pandemic will have on our lives in the years to come. But despite the pandemic, we still must live. We still must pursue our dreams and goals. We still must desire to live to our fullest potential as designed by God. We are having to learn to “walk through the shadow of death and fear no evil (virus)” as the Psalmist said. We are also having to learn from the Psalmist when he said, “With Your help I can advance against an army (unemployment, hunger, fear, sickness, death); with my God I can SCALE A WALL (doing the impossible).”

Here at the #championstogether campaign, we set out on a goal to help and shield high risk and vulnerable children living with HIV and their families by giving them food every month. With your help we have been doing this and feeding 30 families for the last 9 months. Together we have advanced against the “army” and run through its ranks. However, this month was special because we also had to scale a few walls. We had to figure out how to move 600kgs of food to 30 families in 30 different locations during an out-of-control pandemic. Thankfully, the “wall scalers” in our team did it and delivered all the food for this month. This means 30 happy familes.

Join the campaign and be a part of those that SCALE WALLS

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