• Kelvin T Mutize


We are champions, we survive just like everyone, when we look at storms we do not see it as destruction to our lives, because of the positive attitude allows us to see storms as a fuel that will accelerate us and push to the next level of our journey. This year all our dreams, desires and wishes to be accomplished before this year ends seem to fade away every second. I, however, know that even if all our dreams seem to fade so quickly, time will always tell when is the right time to execute certain dream and I believe everyone got enough time to do self-introspection since we had a lot of time to ourselves this year because this year is different, we have been home for months.

I never thought we can see things reciprocated in life referring to the way this normally occurs or being done, on the contrary, this year showed me that I never really had time to look at all aspects of life. Did we ever thought simple guards, police officers and many others can check and analyze temperature from a doctor... Today guards check the temperature in clinics and hospitals before those doctors see you. This year came up with changes to the norms and culture's of our society so champions stand with me in saying this year is indeed different.

But the one thing that did not change is that " through it all, we are still champions and our God is still God..." So whether this year is DIFFERENT or not remember to aim high, aim at the moon, even if you miss the moon, then you can be counted among the stars, never stop until you get what you want to achieve because you are the one person who believes in yourself, who has the dream, the drive, passion and before the end of this you will be having a never say die attitude because you are a champion you are a hero, the winner and we are also standing with you. This is all said here because indeed this year is different.

May God bless us all

Written by

Masotsha Thanducolo Dlomo

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