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How to use our skills & talents during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Using what the Lord gave you, is one of the first steps you take to success. We may call life all names but we must be like the David of old who biblically remembered and counted his previous battles when he was facing Goliath. Caring that same spirit we can research about what we were holding in our fists the day we were born.


It is never easy to do a good thing but it is always very easy to execute bad things. Be courageous in your beliefs and find strength and move forth.

Believe In Yourself

You're a star up in the sky, a mountain up so a high, an undisputed champion and A great warrior.

Something that Never Changes

Your talent/skill is something no one can take from you and no one can use in your absence. Even in good and bad times like these of the Pandemic (Covid19) we can shift focus from the shut down to your skills and talents we have.

Always look forward but learn from the past, the HIV pandemic took over because of negligence, but our families bounced back through their medical skills and talent of peer educating and teaching. So even with our musical talents and creativity let us spread our wings out there and preach one gospel, we will finish the race.

It is still the same concept that can be used or even more new implementation can be of good use.

Get Up

Use your talents, use your skills and you can change the world for good. This is your time to shine, so embrace it. It is either now or Never, remember that once a champion always a CHAMPION.

What is your skill, talents that you can use?

BY: Maziya Vukile T (Champions Swaziland).

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