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"Gott ist die Person, der man bei jedem problem vertrauen kann"

This month, a young missionary team from St. Andrews Church, Hamburg, Germany joined Pastor Agatha and Epworth Church team for a food distribution in the community of Epworth, Harare. "Gott ist die Person, der man bei jedem problem vertrauen kann - God is the Person to trust with every issue." These were the words spoken by one of members of the team after seeing the love of God working in the lives of people.

Here are snippets of what the team had to say of their experience"

"On Friday 15 October we (a young mission team from Germany) had the chance to join the Champions team to serve in Epworth for the #championstogether program. Here, we carried food and hygiene packages to the families and had the opportunity to pray for each of their families. With this, we could see how joyful the people of Zimbabwe are, no matter the circumstances and loved to speak hope into their lives".
"It was amazing to see how prayer can change peoples' lives and how God is the person to trust with every issue."


Because of YOU!

Because of champions like YOU - our partners and donors - 16 years, over 11 countries, over 23 cities, over 10,000 lives impacted. THANK YOU!

We know you have so many things to do everyday. And on top of going to work, getting the mail, doing the laundry, feeding the dog/cat/the kids and yourself - there are so many things to care about. It is easier to do nothing BUT here you....

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