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Celebrating the Life of a Warrior-Princess

When we started the #championstogether campaign, we did not anticipate so many faces, smiles and stories would be added to our lives. We have made great friendships and have had our lives blessed by the families we have met.

Working with a local church in the rural community of Goromonzi, the #championstogether campaign started supporting a lovely young named Alicious* and her family. We loved meeting Alicious - she was brave and strong and despite her circumstances, her heart was filled with hope for the future. Sadly, Alicious lost her battle to HIV and passed away peacefully at a local clinic.

We are truly heart-broken and her family was devastated from losing their warrior-princess. In the midst of ruin and unspeakable grief, we are encouraged in knowing that our warrior-princess is in a better place and is resting with Jesus. In death, Alicious has left behind a legacy of life. Because of her bravery, her whole entire family was introduced to Jesus Christ - one day, they will meet again in heaven.

To all our warriors - KEEP FIGHTING. To all our families and care-givers - KEEP LOVING. To all our donors and partners - KEEP BELIEVING. Together we are Champions.

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