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Celebrating our local partners...

With all of Harare under strict lockdown, it was left to our local partners to figure how to ensure that all our beneficiaries got food hampers delivered safely to their homes. Our local partners consists of Celebration Churches based in the neighborhoods of Epworth, Hopely, Hatcliffe, Ruwa, Glenview, Eastview and Goromonzi. These areas are traditionally low income areas and the rate of poverty and need has being increasing over the years. The church has been the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ to hundreds of lives in these communities. Through the #championstogether program, we grateful to be contributing to the welfare of these vulnerable communities.

This program is truly making a impact. Take Tadiwa* from Epworth as an example - there is a physical difference in her appearance from the time she joined the program. She not only appears healthier but she has had less medical incidents in 2020 coming into this year. What we love about the #championstogether program is that it does not stop at just giving out food, but Tadiwa* - who has a care-giver looking after her - now also has Celebration Church Epworth watching out for her and making sure she is not walking alone.

The Celebration Churches in all the communities mentioned are playing a significnt role in the lives of adolescents living with HIV. We are grateful for the time, energy and resources spent on behalf of and for the benefit of our Champions.


Next month is the 1 year anniversary of the #championstogether campaign - another reason to celebrate! We will go out into the field and intorduce you to some of the families of the program. You will see first hand, the impact of all of our contributions.

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