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Celebrating Dr Uapa Pazvakavambwa - A Mother To The Champions

Dr Uapakuouje Pazvakavambwa - a retired Namibian medical doctor, with a trademark laugh, so much ease, a big heart with such care and love. She picked up the stethoscope to serve people in the medical field 35 years ago, a mother and a leader to the Champions.

In retrospect being a leader is a huge task, being a great leader is not easy. Dr Uapa is a well-respected leader in the medical field as a doctor and an inspiring mother figure to the Champions has created many good moments and wisdom to many. Inasmuch, as she has retired from the Namibian Public Service, she left good traits and experiences and we know she will keep refiring, jumping singing and catching up with the Champions.

They say it's good to speak great when one is still alive, positive words good words. Here are some of the sentiments from some of the many people she impacted below:

- A great leader, a mother, a team player. Someone who knows you and knows how to bring out the best in others. Thank you, for All You Did and you will do in retirement. All The Best. - DK


A mentor, a friend and a strong pillar -CMF Namibia is blessed to have you as a backbone, a fountain of wisdom and shoulder to cry on. Thank you for investing in us and finding us worthy of your time. - Dr Martha Josef-Amwele

- She graces us with her laughter. - Dr Hoandi Hoës

- A heart so big shows in your warm smile, the gentle soul inside and out yet a peal of laughter so huge it can be felt! Such a befitting honour to have met you and being able to say to you Happy promotion to resting Enjoy! - Kelly Muzariri

- A great listener and has transformed people's lives by just being there and being present there. Your presence alone over the years has been enough. We wish you all the best as you enter a new season were you are re-firing. - Tinotenda Nyota

- She helped me find purpose in medicine. 5 years ago she taught me a lesson of discipline over sacrifice and I still hold onto it today. So selfless, so honest, a home for all of us ❤️❤️ - Dr Hileni Nghilukwila

You have shown us the importance of family and teamwork through servant leadership, you are constantly present you have carried the team and many of the champions in your heart. As Champions For Life, we truly grateful for her support and wish her all the best in her retirement and we look forward to seeing more coming from you.

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