Our Programs 

Young people living with or affected by HIV have so many losses - they have lost parents (often they are single or double orphaned). They have lost thier health, education, and vision for life. Rejection, low self-esteem, anger, fear of death, despair and hopelessness are some of the key issues they are dealing with.

Why Psychosocial Spiritual Support (PSS)


The Champions face a diverse set of challenges everyday from the time they learn their HIV status. PSS equips Champions to tackle the issues they face. From rejection, anger, depression, rebellion to orphanhood, PSS has interventions and tools that Champions can use to transform theselves from a victim mentality to victors.


Psychosocial well-being refers to the social and emotional well-being of a Champion, and the ability to fulfill his/her potential as a human being. It includes many areas of the Champion’s life: The psychological aspects include, emotional, cognitive, mental health and spiritual issues. The social aspects refer to relationships with others, the environment, and society. These aspects of well-being also influence physical health, and how the Champions engages in his/her own treatment, adherence or disclosure issues. 



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Day Seminars & Camps 

Day Seminars / Camps are programs set up with an atmosphere of love, acceptance, celebration, accountability, healing & empowerment, and teaching that transforms the Champions in their thinking about themselves and their environment. The day seminars/camps aim to empower the Champions so they in turn influence and impact their peers.


The day seminars/camps are fast, fun, dynamic, and intensive. Music, dance, drama, sound, multimedia and digital technology are important in communicating with the hearts and minds of the Champions

Leadership Training 

These workshops enable adolescents to develop as leaders, in the community and in their areas of influence and most important as role models to the younger adolescents champions. Arming them with the ability to tackle hard conversations, mobilising communities, effective communication, mentor other adolescents and also how to effectively run champions programs in the different communities.

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“Empowered people will always want to help people and stand for others”. For CFL, our Champion leaders are working with health care workers and community leaders to help bring knowledge so that we have a holistic society that will embrace adolescents living with HIV. They are constantly engaging at the community, private sector, national and regional level speaking out on behalf of adolescents in their constituencies and sharing experiences of their lives pushing for policy changes, service delivery and speaking for the rights of adolescents.