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Champions Together

join the #championstogether campaign and save a life

To us, the #championstogether program means dignity, hope and health. Dignity, because when we support people within our HIV communities with food and basic necessities, we honor and respect the vulnerable among us.  Hope because, when we give to those that need help, we show that there is hope, even in desperate situations. Health because, when our champions have enough food, it helps them to achieve holistic health - body, mind and spirit.


The #championstogether campaign is an initiative that looks to shield vulnerable children living with HIV in Africa from hunger and food shortages. Join the #championstogether community of donors and contributors 

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supporting #championstogether will:


help us to prepare a care package that addresses food security and facilitates access to HIV services for children living with HIV

joining #championstogether means:  

Step 1). Giving Online: Your gift will impact a family. A gift of $30 allows us a prepare a care package for 1 child for a period of 1 month




Step 2). Tell 5 Friends about the campaign and ask them to do Step 1) & Step 2) 



Donate Online

Donate Via GoFundme 

Donate Via Ecocash, Netcash & Transfer  

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