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The Caleb Series is a 10 part discipleship program for adolescents living with HIV. This series moulds men and women into Champions that live and achieve beyond their limitations - helping our Champions to grow.

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Adolescents living with HIV have multiple problems and challenges. Equipping young people with tools on how to creatively solve problems is key to improved quality of life and developing resilience.

Helping Communities to grow

Children living with HIV have multiple problems and challenges that are well documented. Today, there are many organizations and programs that are looking into and involved in the solving of the complex and dynamic challenges facing young people. Our approach at Champions for Life has been to look at and understand the issues through the eyes of young people living with HIV. We soon realized that these young people have the most amazing ideas and mind-blowing solutions to the challenges they face - all they need is our help. 

The Caleb Series exists to equip, shape and harness the potential inherent in our young people. It will provide the tools for young people to have a say in the outcome of their futures. It will equip young people to build the future they want and help build stronger families and communities. The Caleb Series runs in all of Champions for Life sites - over 30 cities and 11 nations in sub-Saharan and East Africa. This program impacts 600 families across the communities involved.

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Become A Calebite

With $300 per month we can create a package for 20 Champions within one community. Become a Calebite by giving to the Caleb Series